Best Restaurants In Tirana

Tirana has quite a lot of restaurants. Up to 1990 the city’s restaurants were mostly focused on Traditional Albanian Cuisine. Once the comunist era crashed, the influx of  cooking styles, gave birth to many type of restaurants, mostly influenced by Italian, Greek  French and very little American Junk Food style (there is no McDonalds here or StarBucks).  Albanians are a bit fanatic about their food, as they are about their traditions, and the western style cuisine had a hard time finding its place in the albanian diet. Albanian people up to this way, haven’t changed their traditional diet that much, and the western influences in this area, have mostly been short lived and often forgotten.

Many Albanian emigrants worked all over Europe, have beopened their Restaurants in Tirana. We are compiling a list of good restaurants according to the price range that they belong to. Starting out with

Top 5 Budget Restaurants In Tirana

Top 5 Mid Range Restaurant In Tirana

Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants In Tirana

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